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Domus Olearia Olive Oil

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Domus Olearia is situated in the hills of Palermo, Italy adjacent to the famous "Conca d'Oro" in the town of Borgetto. The company was founded by Salvatore Mignano, Gabriele Longo and Alessandro Bartellino in 2007. The company olive grove consists of 18 hectares and contains about 7000 olive trees.   It is carefully maintained by the principals of the company ensuring production of healthy olives. In addition they purchase select olives from growers in the region.

There is a storage capacity of over 150,000 liters consisting of stainless steel AISI 316 silos ensuring that the oils remain hygienically safe.  Domus Olearia has ISO 9001, HAACP and DOP certifications.






fresh logistics global cheeseOur Products:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Nocellara
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Cerasuola
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Biancolilla
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nocellara, Cerasuola and Biancolilla (blended)
Flavor Infused Oils

The distinction of our oils is mono varietal so we can give our customers a choice and almost always manage to find the product best suited to the various market needs.




Asprol Sicilia Olive Oil

More information to come. Please check back with us later...

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Confetti Papa Dolceamaro Chocolate

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We will guide you through a sensory experience that will satisfy you, accompany you exploring the exaltation of the senses, as you enjoy our products.

Look, let go, indulge in the aroma , color and taste of chocolate Papa Dolceamaro ..your key to open the door of this magical dream world ... Enjoy your trip ...