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Confetti Papa Dolceamaro Chocolate

fresh logistics global cheeseIf you are looking for new sensations, emotions that you felt just dreaming, if you want to make a wish come true with a small, innocent sin, we recommend that you go into the world, Papa Dolceamaro, a magical place where the sweetness comes from years of research, experience and passion.
We will guide you through a sensory experience that will satisfy you, accompany you exploring the exaltation of the senses, as you enjoy our products.

Look, let go, indulge in the aroma , color and taste of chocolate Papa Dolceamaro ..your key to open the door of this magical dream world ... Enjoy your trip ...

The company was founded in 1975  in Cassino, Italy by Pietro Antonio and Rosa Papa.  The company grew and moved to the Molise region in  Italy a few years later.

The Molise region has a rich experience in producing handmade unique food products.  Papa Dolceamaro today continues the tradition of the family business that started in 1975.  The knowledge that has been passed down to their son’s Claudio, Silvano and Paolo along with innovative inspiration has created many new products over the years.  Their constant desire to improve products, to produce value and quality, has made them a leader in their industry.   They are recognized for the selectivity in the choice of raw materials, production process innovation, and the uniqueness of their products. Today the company serves bakeries, gourmet shops and retailers throughout the world. Papa Dolceamaro continues to react to market challenges and global competition striving to become the landmark of “refined sweetness” in Italy and throughout the world.